Oct 23, 2012

Love happens!!- My entry for the Get Published contest

Okay! The post title is a bit unlikely to appear on my blog :) But, yes! I am attempting to write a story which I have seen happening around me. I thought of bringing my wish to reality by writing a story on the real incidents in the journey of finding love! All this came to my mind when I saw it on Indiblogger- Real love in New India.

I am attempting to write a short story about Krishna who was my roommate for a long time. She was a romantic soul and believed in those very romantic love stories. She dreamed about a man who would come in her life and they would then live happily ever after. But, life is different. This story is about how she met the right guy- Surendra and her journey to him through the New India's matrimonial sites, meet-up groups, set-ups arranged by family and friends, attending social events and so on. As an onlooker I found it very funny in the beginning and then I saw it happening. Love exists!

This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs fromYashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India.

Picture: Flemingos- Sea Waorld, San Diego, CA


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  1. The overview is very brief. Looking forward to your story spruced with all the mirch,masala & intrigues :)


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