Jan 31, 2014

Landscape Gallery from Arches National Park

Arches National Park is so beautiful that every rock formation deserves the visitor to stop and a click a photo! I stopped at every turnout also at places where there was a bit of shoulder. And now I see those pictures to re-relay the memories. Every picture looks amazing! I thought of putting them together!

Jan 29, 2014

Utah State Parks- Anasazi State Museum

Many years ago I had watched a movie GERONIMO! which was on coming TNT. It kind of hooked me to the TV till the end. The rugged landscape of Arizona and New Mexico, the history of America and the photography ... At the end I felt sad for the guy! I remembered about this movie on an Apache hero when I visited the Anasazi State Museum in Utah. There was a postcard with Geronimo's picture on it. 

Jan 27, 2014

National Parks- Anshi-Dandeli, an adventure destination of Karnataka

Just 85Kms from my childhood hometown Hubli, Dandeli has been a frequent destination for me and my family. I had been to this place many times in the past, like pre-2005 years. I have done extensive trekking and wildlife viewing those days. In the last decade Dandeli has emerged as a destination for adventure activities around Kali river. For me Dandeli is synonymous with 'river rafting'. For bird watchers it means Hornbills and much more!!!

Jan 24, 2014

National Parks- Arches, the land of red rocks and arches!

The relationship between the landscape and time is always amazing! The forces of nature create wonders in time. The wind has carved thousands of arches in one place- Arches National Park, 6-miles from Moab, Utah. Home for the world famous landmark- Delicate Arch! Arches National Park in the high desert of Utah is a red rock wonderland and is a home for thousands of natural arches, hundreds of massive spires, colossal fins and many other wind-formed sandstone formations. A place to witness vast expanses of breathtaking scenery.

Jan 3, 2014

State Parks of Utah- Dead Horse Point, what is in the name?

What a beautiful view and what a name 'Dead Horse Point'?! Well, this amazing place is surrounded by the legends of ghostly horses and cruel cowboys. The point, a narrow neck of the land which is as wide as just the road was once gated with the horses corralled by the cowboys who never came back for some unknown reason. The horses were trapped with no way out on a high mesa, without water and food they all died! Long later people who found the remains of these many unfortunate horses named this overlook- Dead Horse Point!