Apr 21, 2014

Some Facts- 'True' and 'False' fruits of Cashew nuts!

Cashew nuts are so tasty huh? I love them! During my childhood days I used to walk through these cashew farms, pluck the cashew apples, try to open the shells to get the cashew nut out, and in the process burn my skin only to get my Mother scold me :) Burn- not in true sense, the skin turns black and peels away after few days with no pain but quite a bit of irritation. The hands used to look ugly with the scars left by the nasty juice of that hard shell. At times I got my cheeks burnt too! All these memories flashed back during my recent family trip to my own coastal Karnataka- on a pilgrimage and to visit family.

Apr 18, 2014

A Tree from Dead Horse Point State Park

Dead Horse Point State Park in Utah is a very interesting place. With beautiful scenery and sad history. Well, hiking here was a delight. On the way, I saw many interesting rock formations and twisted trees. This was one of them.

Apr 15, 2014

Random Pictures- Hungry Cats!

Just back from a trip to Goa and Coastal Karnataka with family. Loads of fun and interesting pictures from streets of India. I love the expressions of children and animals. So unpretentious! My niece who is also into the same hobby pointed her finger to these two cats!

Apr 7, 2014

Natural Wonder- Salton Sea, an accidental lake!

Largest lake in California or call it strangest backwaters, Salton Sea is a shallow rift lake located right on the San Andreas fault. This terminal lake with saline water is considered as a crown jewel of biodiversity! It is a major resting stop on the Pacific Flyway. The sea/lake was accidentally created by the flooding Colorado river when an irrigation canal broke. The current surface of the lake is 227ft below the sea level! Within 150-miles from popular cities Los Angeles and San Diego, Salton Sea is one of the lowest points on Earth!

Apr 4, 2014

National Monument- Sonoran Desert, the land of giant cacti!

Largest hottest desert of North America, home for organ pipe and the spectacular saguaro cacti, Sonoran Desert is a place of biodiversity. The Saguaro cactus- popularly known as camel of the plant world, is found ONLY here. These cacti can grow up to 70ft and absorb around 1,500 gallons of water in around ten days. It seems they grow their first side arm at the age of 75-100 years! Isn't it a great experience to stand beside one?!

Apr 2, 2014

Petroglyphs- V-Bar-V Ranch Heritage Site

Petroglyphs are rock engravings created by the pre-historic people by abrading or carving the rock face. V-Bar-V Ranch petroglyphs is the largest known petroglyph site in Verde Valley left by the Sinagua Indians for us to interpret. More than 1000 symbols are on display on this rock. The symbols- mostly classified as zoomorphs and anthromorphs are clearly preserved.