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Scrapbook- A Travel Blog is all about TRAVEL. The destinations from any pocket of the world I travel to. The stories may include but not limited to destinations, food, adventure, responsible tourism, thoughts and rants. The stories are based on my personal experiences and observations with photographs that speak for the place. The blog has considerable number of followers and usually gets pleasant comments. 

The possible collaborations could be advertising, sponsored reviews, featured and other articles on travel and travel related products/services. For sponsored reviews I would prefer to sample your product/service/properties/activities related travel prior publishing a review with a link to sponsor's website included. My passion is basically adventure, wildlife, nature, photography, off the beaten path, responsible tourism, solo travel and some unique travel experiences which is well reflected on the blog. And I would prefer to stick to the list though I am open for reviews on products that are essential for this kind of travel, such as apparel, gear, cameras, other electronics, automobile etc. 

Advertising with banner ads on sidebars is another area I am interested in. The ads which are not flashy and pop-up on the main content of the blog.  E-mail me to iamsummi [at] gmail [dot] com for more information, proposals and for further discussions.

Before contacting me please note- 

I do not publish 'Guest Posts' on my blog.

I do not write or recommend something that I do not know or have experience of. I write exactly what I observe and experience. I am very accommodative in nature but also honest to include things that may benefit the readers who trust me. I will review your product but, will not speak anything about your competitor in the articles. Sponsored articles will be clearly identified as 'sponsored review' or 'on invitation' in the footer and details of the sponsor will be fully disclosed. Sponsored articles once published will not be edited.

Images do not come for free!

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  1. I have been obsessed with temple hunting in Kashi - Varanasi? I was in Benaras 7 times before but I found ( realised the fact that it is different than any other places - when I was there last week in January 2018).If you know of any important temple please do let me know! I am trying to find old buildings and temples which were significant at some point of time but no one knows this now a days. Your help is solicited. SEN


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