Mar 31, 2014

Heritage- Montezuma's Castle and Well, back in the time of ancient cliff dwellers!

The 5-storey, 20-room castle with apartment style dwellings around, so called Montezuma's Castle National Monument has reputation of best preserved Sinaguan cliff dwelling of North America. It is not a castle where Montezuma lived. Early settlers believed that this neat structure belonged to the 16th century Aztec Emperor Montezuma. In reality, the castle was built by the Sinagua Indians in 12th century and they had abandoned the place a century earlier than Montezuma was even born!

Mar 28, 2014

Natural Wonder- Sedona, The Queen of Red Rocks!

Sedona- sounds very familiar huh? And very popular city in the American South-West! Located at the elevation of 4,500ft in Arizona, Sedona is surrounded by high standing red rock formations with spiritual energy! The rocks and surrounding area offer hundreds of opportunities for hiking and mountain-biking. Its mild summer and winter make is a vacation destination. Sedona's signature red rocks appear in more than 50-60 Hollywood movies. It is a delight to see these rocks glowing in the golden light of rising or setting sun.

Mar 26, 2014

National Parks- Tuzigoot National Monument, Arizona

Listed on the National Historic Places Register Tuzigoot is a National Monument near Clarkdale, Arizona. It is a pueblo of 110 rooms built on an outcrop above the Verde river floodplain. The stone masonry rooms do not have doors instead they used ladders to enter the rooms from the opening in the roofs. Tuzigoot in Apache means "crooked water"- named after a small meandering river nearby. 

Mar 24, 2014

Heritage Railroad- Verde Canyon, a ride through the red rocks!

The 40-mile roundtrip, 4-hours long scenic ride on the tracks that were installed in 1912 crossing over old fashioned bridges and trestles, and passes a 680ft long tunnel- all in the red rock country along the Verde river! Verde Canyon Railroad excursion line started in 1990 between Clarkdale and Perkinsville- it a heritage railroad. Classic FP7 vintage locomotives pull the passengers through the towering red rock pinnacles.

Mar 21, 2014

Natural Wonder- A boat ride to Rainbow Bridge

World's highest natural bridge formed in a Triassic age sandstone stands in a remote, rugged and an isolated canyon. Native Americans hold it sacred for centuries who call it Nonnezoshe which means Rainbow turned into stone. Rainbow Bridge with a span of 234ft can be reached by a 2-hour boat ride on the waters of Lake Powell and a mile long easy hike. It is one of the most easily accessible large arches in the world. Though the Bridge Creek didn't have any water flowing the bridge and the surrounding landscape was enchanting!

Mar 17, 2014

National Monument- Gandhi Ashram at Sabarmati

Sabarmati Ashram Ahmedabad Gujrat

Recently I had been to Ahmedabad and well, visit to Ahmedabad is incomplete without a mention of Sabarmati Ashram or Gandhi Ashram. I am not going to write anything about Mahatma Gandhi here- His greatness was in his simplicity and so is his ashram. Located on the banks of Sabarmati river-  Sabarmati Ashram is one of Gandhi's residences and he lived here for around twelve years. A beautiful and peaceful place in busy Ahmedabad.

Mar 14, 2014

Natural Wonder- Monument Valley, an abode of beauty, peace and spirits!

Internationally recognized icon of American South-west- Monument Valley is one of the most spectacular and most photographed landscape on earth. Located on the state-line of Arizona and Utah Monument Valley lies entirely within the Navajo Nation. Navajo people call it The Valley of Rocks and their imagination and beliefs see much more in these rocks. At the elevation of more than 5,000ft asl the Monument Valley Tribal Park, is home of very beautiful cluster of large red sandstone buttes, spires and mesas. Most part of the park is accessible only with the guided tours. The most interesting masterpieces are hidden in the remote areas.

Mar 12, 2014

Urban Wildlife- A little monkey who tried blowing a balloon!

For the last couple of months I had been living in Vadodara, Gujarat my favorite place next to Bangalore. Since my parents are along I am doing great deal of pilgrimage :) Well, that is a whole different story and has nothing to do with this little monkey. Only that I met the little one in one of the temples.

Mar 10, 2014

Temples of India- Sun Temple at Modhera, defines the beauty of Indian medieval architecture

One of the very few shrines dedicated to Hindu God Sun, Modhera temple is one of the masterpieces of medieval architecture in Gujarat, India. The brilliant architecture, exquisite carving on sandstone just two hours away from the busy-crazy Ahmedabad! Though plundered by enemies and earthquakes the temple has much to offer even in its dilapidated state! One of the magnificent specimens of Indian medieval architecture!