Feb 28, 2014

National Monument- Canyon de Chelly, where the walls tell history!

Canyon de Chelly which means 'rock canyon', the home of Navajo people! If you know Native American history then you know the Battle of Canyon de Chelly between Navajo Nation and United States military, and also the Long Walk of Navajo people. It is the only National Monument completely owned by Navajo Tribal Trust and cooperatively managed by National Park Service (NPS). By federal and tribal law, visitors are allowed to travel inside the canyon only when accompanied by a Navajo guide. But, there are no restrictions in place to view the canyon from the rim. The law is in place to protect the sacred Navajo sites and the household of the people still live there.

Feb 26, 2014

Natural Wonder- Meteor Crater

Meteor Crater is a 50,000 year old meteorite impact crater privately owned by Barringer family in Arizona. The crater is 3,99ft wide and 570ft deep in the almost barren desert. Earlier known as Canyon Diablo crater it is a National Natural Landmark and also a popular tourist attraction. Since there is no vegetation cover the crater can be viewed very clearly.Visitors are charged an entrance fee ($16) by the Barringer Crater Company to see the crater. Worth a visit if you are near Flagstaff or you are driving on I-40 near Winslow.

Feb 24, 2014

National Parks- Petrified Forest where the trees turned into gems!

Vast desert shrub steppe as far as you can see and the painted badlands emerging out of it with crystalized wood scattered all around is what you see in Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona. The amazement you feel is limitless! Blue Mesa, Painted Desert, Tepees in this eroded badlands are beyond one's imagination. I had never thought the drowned trees might even turn into logs of gems! Yes- it is possible when nature finds a way to do it!

Feb 21, 2014

Natural Wonder- White Sands National Monument, a white heaven!

I have seen black sand in Hawaii, pink sand in Utah, normal sand in Pacific coast and also Indian coast then I saw white sand in New Mexico. Well, not on any ocean or lakeside beach but, the wave like gypsum sand dunes in the middle of New Mexico! I had seen tons pictures of this landform prior to my visit but, when I was standing there on one of the highest dunes looking 360 deg around me none of those pictures including the pictures I have posted here make any justice to the beauty of this natural wonder!

Feb 19, 2014

Natural Wonder- The 'Hat' of Mexican Hat :)

First, Did you know there is a tiny place called Mexican Hat in Utah, USA? If yes, then do you know why is this town named Mexican Hat? Well, Mexican Hat is a hardly known small settlement on the banks of San Juan river located at the edge of most popular Monument Valley, just 22-miles away. Very few people live here, may be less than 100!

Feb 15, 2014

National Parks- Mesa Verde, a tour back in time!

Well, I had mentioned about Anasazi Civilization earlier with little info I have about these ancient people. But, then there is much more they left for us to dig deep as far back in history as we can possibly go! I visited Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado and was awestruck by the well preserved cliff dwellings. Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado is one place where these ancient dwellings are best preserved. The park is designated as a World Heritage Site because of its archaeological relevance.

Feb 7, 2014

Random Thoughts- Pareidolia in Rocks Part II

I had posted an article on Pareidolia in rocks earlier and now found more pictures which made me think of a sequel! I am finding it very interesting now :) Repeating- Pareidolia, in simple, is a term used to seeing faces or animals in clouds and rock formations. Well, the term has much deeper and scientific meaning which you can read in Wiki. We hear about sleeping giants and rock faces which are common examples.

Feb 5, 2014

Natural Wonder- Goosenecks of San Juan River in Utah

Another place made me feel what a tiny place I occupied in the big world! If you want to be alone away from the tourists (and also locals!) in a place soaked in serenity then head to Utah. You will find many of them. You can chat with the rocks and sing with the rivers. This is Goosenecks State Park in Utah which made me just shut up! I was there at sunrise, early morning haze made it look more mysterious!

Feb 3, 2014

National Monument- Utah's Natural Bridges

The Utah landscape is so rugged that its hard to imagine what lies in those mysterious canyons. Where do these canyons lead you?! When do the dry river floods in a flash? At the elevation of 6,500ft above sea level intermittent rivers have carved canyons and three massive bridges. Natural Bridges National Monument protects this area, plants animals and the native indian ruins.