Feb 19, 2014

Natural Wonder- The 'Hat' of Mexican Hat :)

First, Did you know there is a tiny place called Mexican Hat in Utah, USA? If yes, then do you know why is this town named Mexican Hat? Well, Mexican Hat is a hardly known small settlement on the banks of San Juan river located at the edge of most popular Monument Valley, just 22-miles away. Very few people live here, may be less than 100!

Mexican Hat Utah

The name of the tiny village comes from a Sombrero (for Mexican Hat in Spanish)-shaped rock outcropping. The rock with 60ft diameter stands high on a small hill at the edge of the village. One can hike up to the rock using ropes but, I enjoyed watching the rock soaked in morning golden light, from the base of the hill.

Since the popular Monument Valley has very expensive hotels I went for a much cheaper alternative in Mexican Hat to spend a night. I was the only guest in the motel that night but the host and her family were very nice. Driving to this place is one beautiful experience, surrounded by eroded mesas all around in the red rocky landscape! Another not to miss nearby attraction- Goosenecks State Park, another lesser known gem!

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  1. wow..I love the rusty color as we don't have that here at all and it does look like a Mexican hat...Michelle

    1. I haven't been to your side of the country! Someday I will be there ...

  2. Spectacular geological masterpiece, shaped by the elements through erosion and time! I wonder if the color is because of iron or copper!

  3. never knew about this place. i'm sure there's a lot more places to be discovered later on.

  4. Wow!wow!wow! What an interesting hat!


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