Sep 29, 2014

Street food from Gujarat

Khaman dhokla Street food from Gujarat
Khamman dhokla

Gujarat is one of the vibrant states of India and gujarati food is unique! Here street food is dominantly popular and mostly vegetarian. I am fond of Gujarati food because I visit Gujarat frequently, at least twice or thrice a year! I love to go out in the evening, because afternoons are extremely hot, to eat pani-poori roadside! Well, I am talking about snacks not the thali (full meal) here.

Sep 26, 2014

Stormy evening- Tornado or smoke?

Arizona Page Tornado or smoke

Well, very gloomy picture huh? But, it is interesting too ... at least for me for the adventure associated with it :) I was driving past Monument Valley towards Page, Arizona in late October last year. It was stormy. First I passed through light sand winds which might have caused millions of microscopic scratches on the windshield of rented car!

Sep 24, 2014

Pigeons, nest and pigeon mites!

Pigeon nest and mites
Mommy pigeon feeding

Couple of months ago when I returned to my apartment in Bangalore with my Mother, I saw a pigeon nesting in an orange bucket which I had left in the kitchen balcony. I saw two little eggs. The pigeon had made a mess in the whole area with its poo. I wanted to get the balcony cleaned but, decided against it thinking it may disturb the hatching process! Was that my mistake?!

Sep 22, 2014

Have you seen this Ice-cream machine?!

ice cream machine in Vadodara fest

As I have mentioned many times ... I visit Gujarat frequently, just because my dear sister lives there nothing else :) And I have seen, experienced and have enjoyed very many small interesting things. One such interesting thing is this ice-cream machine!

Sep 19, 2014

Vadodar's Sur Sagar Lake at night ...

Sur Sagar Lake Vadodara illuminated

Nyaya Mandir (which means Court) is an area in Vadodara that people visit for cheap stuff. The market beside the court has everything here! And there is a lake which goes almost unnoticed during the day. As night falls the Shiva idol gets illuminated attracting almost everyone's attention. Doesn't it look beautiful in the backdrop of dark night sky?!

Sep 17, 2014

Tourism Unites ...

Gujarat Tourism

I travel to Gujarat quite often! And also go around during the winter. On one such trip to Pavagadh I saw this old rusting board ... though old it conveys a great message ...

Sep 15, 2014

Jand Hanuman, monkeys and makai ki roti in the jungles of Gujarat!

Jambughoda WLS Jand Hanumaan Vadodara Gujarat

Deep jungle, temples, millions of monkeys and a woman cooking food! Well, Yes! I was visiting a temple dedicated to Hanumaan in the deep jungles of Gujarat. Just within 80KM from the city of Vadodara this temple sits in the middle of Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary. The fun is neither in visiting the temple nor the wildlife which is always elusive, but in driving a Mahindra Bolero on the riverbed! Well, there is no particular road to the temple other than a dirt rocky road which is sometimes the riverbed too!