Sep 26, 2014

Stormy evening- Tornado or smoke?

Arizona Page Tornado or smoke

Well, very gloomy picture huh? But, it is interesting too ... at least for me for the adventure associated with it :) I was driving past Monument Valley towards Page, Arizona in late October last year. It was stormy. First I passed through light sand winds which might have caused millions of microscopic scratches on the windshield of rented car!

Later the sand storms were way behind and the thunderstorms started with purple-ish sky above! I saw this cloud formation on the other side of the nearby hill in the direction I was moving. First thing that came into my mind was a tornado!! OMG! Traffic being very sparse in that barren land, not even a rock to hide behind, I was biting my nails. What if it is a tornado? It is not moving ... so its not ... but looks like one ... I stopped at one turnout and took this picture ... just in case ... you know? for the record ... I really don't know what it was ... may be smoke! It was still and there was no news about it in the TV that night. So definitely it wasn't a devastating tornado. But, I know you enjoyed the story :)

Well, what do you think ... tornado or not?:)

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