Sep 24, 2014

Pigeons, nest and pigeon mites!

Pigeon nest and mites
Mommy pigeon feeding

Couple of months ago when I returned to my apartment in Bangalore with my Mother, I saw a pigeon nesting in an orange bucket which I had left in the kitchen balcony. I saw two little eggs. The pigeon had made a mess in the whole area with its poo. I wanted to get the balcony cleaned but, decided against it thinking it may disturb the hatching process! Was that my mistake?!

Well, a week later I saw a yellow thing moving a little! One chick had emerged from its shell! Wow! I had never observed anything so closely, it was exciting and so I took pictures. Two days later another chick came out too. When Mommy came back with food the older chick seemed like eating it all! The younger one kept wailing ... It went on for two weeks ... the chicks were not yellow anymore ... they were growing very fast ... I would say the older one was getting bigger and bigger just like an adult ...

Pigeon nest and mites

One fine day it rained and the nest got wet ... I was worried about the chicks ... but, there was much more to worry about ... I started getting rashes all over my body during the night ... increased over days ... itching and irritation was unbearable! My Mother cautioned me about the nest ... per her, pigeons get infested with notorious insects ... "Pigeon Mites". It seems these mites migrate indoors in search of food during the night! The bites cause rashes and irritation though they don't spread any diseases.

Fortunately for me, the chicks were out of the bucket ... but, they couldn't fly ... another two days passed ... I closed the windows and sprayed "hit" (insecticide) at all possibles entry points that these mites may enter my home. Next morning I didn't see the older chick ... Saw it on the next door window! It was trying to fly! But, the younger one who didn't get enough food didn't even try to fly until the mother stopped feeding! After four days I saw the younger one on the ground below my balcony ... I was happy to see both chicks alive and out of my balcony! I got the balcony closed spending several thousands (of rupees) ... the ugly scars from the bites still on my skin :(

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  1. It was wonderful to watch all the action develop so closely with these pigeons but I am sorry to hear of your itching.

  2. Oh dear, I am sorry about that. I know mites can be an issue in nests, but I haven't heard of them getting into a home. I am glad that the chicks survived that and so sorry that it caused you a problem Kusum....Michelle

  3. But for your rashes i enjoyed the entire process of the birds coming out from the eggs.


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