Per Hindu mythology, Sati- the daughter of King Daksha Prajapati, married Shiva against her father's will. Angered by this Daksha doesn't invite Sati and Shiva for a grand Vedic sacrifice (Daksh Yajna) which insults Sati and she threws herself into the fire. With the loss of his beloved young wife Shiva is raged and begins Tandava Nritya (dance of cosmic destruction) with Sati's burnt corpse on his shoulder. He wanders around the world as he danced. Devastated by this all the gods ask Lord Vishnu to stop Shiva from destroying the world. Vishnu cuts the corpse into 51 pieces with his Sudarshana Chakra (discus) and these pieces fall on different spots on earth, ie, across Indian subcontinent. And these 51 spots became places of worship called shaktipeethas representing various forms of Goddess Sati.

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