Jun 5, 2012

Off the beaten Track- Naggar

Naggar, 26KM from main town Kullu, is a calm and beautiful village in the Himalayan state, Himachal Pradesh. In ancient years it was the capital city of Kullu Kingdom. The castle and the rock temples prove this fact.

Naggar Castle is a 16th century castle built by one of the Rajas of Kullu. Now, this heritage property is converted into Government run hotel, tariff is around Rs.1,700+. It stands on the edge of a cliff and from the open and cold wooden balconies one can have stunning views of Kullu valley. There is a display of masks, traditional musical instruments in the gallery.
Nicholas Roerich house is a popular tourist attraction. The house is converted into an art gallery displaying the Roerich's paintings of Himalayas. The house is in a fragile state and hence tourists are not allowed inside. The interiors can be seen through glass panels of closed windows. The Roerich memorial is set in a very peaceful site. Svetoslav Roerich, second son of Nicholas, married Indian actress Devika Rani.
The visitors here are mostly foreigners, particularly Russians. There were very few Indians (who were visiting India). It seems this place was owned by Raja of Kullu (or Mandi?) and Roerich bought the house from him. I spent a lot of time here walking up-down the hill while enjoying the lush around.
There is also a Himalayan Research Institute and museum called Uruswati displaying the Himalayan lifestyle. Artifacts include apparel, weapons, utensils and so on ... also the images of deities like Lord Krishna, Narasimha. The life-size dolls of the tribe-couples are beautiful.
Tripura Sundari temple is located down the road from Naggar Castle, built of deodar wood in pagoda style with three roofs. I was very curious to see this temple which was unfortunately closed. This temple has a tradition of offering dead bodies as clothes to the Goddess!
Gauri Shankar Temple in Naggar is popular for its architecture and also for the belief that visiting this temple opens the doors to heaven. Whatever :), the temple is a protected monument under ASI. The temple was closed but I had a peek inside to see the image of God and Goddess, well everyone wants to go to heaven!

The visit to this small and neat Himalayan village was memorable! Especially the views from the Castle hotel, Roerich House.

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