Jul 25, 2012

Waterfalls- Alamere falls

Alamere Waterfalls ... One of the popular waterfalls in San Francisco Bay area. It flows in three cascades and empties into the ocean. How wonderful is that? The waterfalls can be reached by 10 miles (16 KM) round trip hike, part of it along the coast with beautiful views. One has to scramble down the cliffs with loose rocks to reach the bottom of the falls. It is a beach and hence it is a great picnic spot.

There are two lakes on the trailside and during springtime the whole place looks colorful with wildflowers blooming and the music of chirping birds soothes the soul!

In the picture is the first cascade during springtime!

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  1. A beautiful one,
    i haven't seen one that empties into the sea yet.

  2. You know, this looks like the ones we used to have for screen savers in the ealry 2000. Such is the beauty of the click! I showed this to a photographer friend of mine. he wanted to ask, what camera do you use?

    Also, those yellow flowers are so spring types!

    1. Thank you Jenny, you are very kind! This picture was shot with a Canon 50D and 24-105mm L lens. The flowers make the picture a beauty I agree :) Thanks to the flowers!

  3. A visual treat including lovely write up Kusum:)

  4. Beautifully captured! Nice use of shutter speed....


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