Aug 31, 2012

Colorful Skies- Sunset Halo at Fremont Peak

I love this picture ... not because of the colors, because of the halo effect! No, it is not natural ... The sky was colorful but the pictures weren't coming great because sun was too bright! I used a stack of ND filters to reduce the brightness. The filter reflected light on the lens and the result is optics generated HALO! You see, below the sun is ocean of clouds reflecting the red light! 

Location is summit of Fremont Peak near  San Juan Bautista which is part of Gabilan range parallel to the central California coast. One weekend I camped here with a group. And happened to see Planet Saturn with the help of a telescope set up by a co-camper. It was really a thrilling experience.

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  1. The halo effect very real and not becuase of the filters! And what colors! magnificent.

    Oh wow, Spotting saturn, that really must been trhilling!

  2. Beautifully taken plus the Halo effects.


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