Jan 26, 2013

Random Thoughts- Have you tried Couch Surfing?

Couch Surfing is a phrase which is gaining popularity in the community of vagabonds. Adopted by many budget travelers Couch Surfing has attracted my attention! Available Couch Surfing networks allow travelers to connect with people in different cities of different countries. People offer couches or rooms to strangers for free! Well, the point is ... offering a place to stay to a traveler who is a complete stranger and help him/her understand local culture in more friendly way. This also helps the host to know/understand the guest and guest's country and culture etc ... more of a give-and-take kind of arrangement. Stay is free but guest may have to follow some guidelines provided by host. Rest is common sense and courtesy. For this arrangement to work well, guests should be looking for a good friend in a host than a free couch.

Well, I have heard much about it but, have never tried it! I find it very interesting :) Having said that, I get many doubts about being in some stranger's house in an unknown city ... also to bring a complete stranger home as a guest ... safety is the issue!! Networks claim about verified members. But, to what extent this verification works? How correct are the references? Or one should just go ahead with the gut feeling? How to do a research on a host or a guest? How much research is enough? ... I think it is up to our general comfort level with strangers.

Isn't it exciting? Have you ever tried it? Look forward to your views on this :)

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  1. Yet to take the plunge. Have been so tempted to check this out.


    1. Hmm not sure if it has gained popularity in India too!

  2. Hi! my son right now works in Japan for a few months. He got this job from a friend who went couch surfing in Osaka, and the guy where he was able to stay for a while offered him a job. The one my son got when the friend left after a year. So I can say that nice things can happen - but as always it depends on the people who do it. But it's a great idea, and I really think it's generous to offer a couch (and a part of your life) to a person you don't know.

  3. Thank you Katrin for such a positive opinion. Yeah, I read so good experiences from people on internet. Yeah, I must try once to check it out myself!


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