May 18, 2013

Travel Talk- Saving money for full time travel?

Well, hardest part in full-time travel is to survive without a job. Spending wisely and saving every rupee means a lot. I took a couple of years after I quit my job and started traveling, to realize how saving little by little makes a big difference. I observed my savings were evaporating faster than I thought! There are many articles floating around on internet with general tips. But, saving money is very personal. What works for one may not work for another. Saving can be very effective when there is a strong desire and determination to fund your travel dream. Saving money is not an easy thing. It takes a lot of effort, creativity and sacrificing many of the lifestyle addictions. We may not succeed as we have planned but best thing to do is ... keep trying ... to make our dreams come true! 

Well, I too have started watching my expenditure to sustain longer. My first observations were credit cards and my shopping was out of control. I purchased whatever looked good even if I didn't need those things. These credit cards and temptation for unnecessary shopping go hand in hand. So, first thing to do is figure out what is essential for living and where to cut. I cancelled most of the credit cards and kept only one which was accepted worldwide and gave maximum cash-back. 

Then by shopping wisely one can cut down the expenses. I have started budgeting everything. That helps a lot to reach a planned goal. I was spending an obscene amount on branded stuff. When I went on my saving spree I realized most of the things I purchased could have been bought for half the price during discount season. Buying stuff for discount, making use of deals from airlines, hotels, rentals and also for travel accessories could save a big amount. 

I came across this website Cuponation which offers coupons and cool deals for any online shopper's pleasure. Deals from Cleartrip, Expedia, Goibibo would definitely help! Let me know your experience with such deals!

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  1. I saved as much as I could into a 'travel fund'. Found that I could get a much better interest rate by locking into a long term (5 yrs) savings fund. Now I have retired I am reaping the benefits and getting to see those places I used to dream about when I was working.

    1. Glad you planned everything and now you are living your dream.

  2. I am not very good at saving, neither is the husband. We save mainly to do good travelling! We cut off on having grand and rich lunch and dinners at expensive restaurants, and buying branded clothes. Tried to cut down on our impulsive shopping helps a lot. Groupon is also started in India, they give out some good deals. Similarly Coupondunia! My Indian friends said it is very good...try them!

    1. Thanks Anu. Yes, one should avoid impulsive shopping for many good reasons!

  3. After reading this, I made my mind to travel while saving fund


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