Oct 9, 2013

Random Thoughts- Shutting down the most beautiful on Earth!

I lived in USA for almost 8 years and it was dearer to me than my home country. Even after I left almost 3 years ago I kept writing about my experiences in america, american national parks and monuments. I kept coming back eagerly to see and feel the most exciting places of natural and historic importance. This year too I came ... to the country which I am proud of its national parks. With a grand plan of visiting the most beautiful states, unfortunately in the beginning of October. Me- an ignorant citizen of the world, who only reads, researches, dreams about the natural wonders and heritage that exists on Mother Earth knew very little about politics, budget and ego. I set foot on this land dreaming about red rocks, canyon country, pink and white sand deserts on 3rd of October hoping that the government shutdown will end soon. Even after 5 days I am waiting and waiting with hope and nothing happens.

Other than the federal employees who aren't paid for whole of this duration, there are tourists who are here spending their hard earned money, who might have waited for years to get permits to certain hikes.  They do not consider Grand Canyon or Yosemite or Hawaii Volcano or any other 'National' park/monument as 'non-essenial' service! How come America's Best Idea became non-essential? National Parks- these lands hold something that is oldest, driest, wettest, highest, lowest, longest, deepest or the pretty-est in the world.

I planned this trip for months. Saved money hard way sacrificing many other luxuries in day-to-day life. I definitely could have had a nice trip to whole of south-east asia with that money. Still I chose to visit American National Parks. Now, I realize ... in this big country, with no NPS access which government considers a low-priority, there is nothing for me to see! Visiting America became waste of time and money. I will go for the smaller State Parks to make my trip worthwhile, but is that as good as visiting any National Parks/Monuments? As the shutdown continues ... my wait continues ... and the life goes on ...

When the 'Best Idea' becomes Non-essential!

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  1. I really feel for you. I think it is terrible that the politicians have such little regard for people's jobs and the tourists whose money is needed to enhance the economy of a country.

  2. That's horrible news for a traveller. I hope they understand the importance of these national parks, and make steps to re-open them soon.
    BTW, you have been nominated in my blog for a photo contest, please check.

  3. It is must be heart breaking to travel all the way to get disappointed in this manner and after blowing a hole in the pocket:(

  4. Yeah Life is like that! We experience incredible as well as disappointments on the same land! Only thing is when there is disappointment we don't say "paisa vasool" (value for money)!

  5. Very nice information, Thank you for sharing the blog.


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