Jul 11, 2014

Assisi- Feel the peace here!

Panorama Assisi Comune Italy
Assisi comune

Well, another destination in Italy ... After 8 hectic days I reached Assisi in the afternoon and was amazed to feel the peace. It felt like in a soundproof town with plenty of fresh air. Assisi is a medieval sacred town in central Italy, around 90 miles north of Rome. It is the birthplace of St Francis and is popular for the Basilica of San Francesco.

Typical Italian window
Typical Italian window

Though the basilica is huge with grand embellishments and has a great history what impressed me about the town is the peace! The whole surface of the comune on a hilltop is paved and is very clean. There are shops, homes, alleys and then steps. Everything looks like a maze! I had the whole evening free and thought of looking around. I got lost again! Though I had a map of the whole comune it was difficult to figure out where I was! Over that climbing up-and-down the steps in the dark and deserted alleys in the late evening!

Peaceful street Assisi Italy
Very clean and calm street- I wish to see one such clean street in India once before I die!

Do you see this main street at 6:00PM? Hardly any vehicles! And those are shops displaying beautiful artifacts! I did a lot of window shopping! The homes have very artistic mail-boxes, beautiful hanging flower pots. And those lovely Italian windows! The doors have very artistic locks and well as the ancient looking door-knocks.

Lion sculpture street-side Assisi Italy
Lion- A street side sculpture

On the street sides I could see so many interesting sculptures worth a moment's stop! I liked this lion- it looked bored and bewildered! How long is it waiting? and for what?! There were many other ...

Wall art on the St Francis Basilica Assisi Italy
Art on the walls of St Francis Basilica

Assisi is a sacred town and so there are many churches and religious monuments around. And churches  have interesting artifacts, medieval as well as modern. There is a door which is believed to be the door of the house that belonged to St Francis.

Wall art on the St Francis Basilica Assisi Italy
Art on the walls of St Francis Basilica

The Basilica of San Francesco is very grand memorial of a very simple and humble saint who lived poor! A major pilgrimage center- it exhibits grand art and is a symbol of intense spirituality.

Secure door of one of the homes Assisi Italy
Very secure door

This was very secure door! Made of metal sheet and interesting latches, handles and locks! Interesting huh? I would love to go back to Assisi just to wander around and watch and feel the not much polluted nature. And those homes with very artistic embellishments on the doors!

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  1. It is indeed such a beautiful city and your captures are superb, Kusum, as always!! Thanks for sharing!! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Wow, what an awesome place to visit.. I love all the pretty sights you have shared from your visit.. Lovely photos.

  3. incredible tour. that package definitely included everything every place you may want to see in italy.

  4. Boy that is a secure door! Strange, the priest next door was talking about being in this wonderful city when we saw him recently. We were sharing tacos together. Awesome looking place.
    JM, Illinois-U.S.A.

  5. Gorgeous shots - such a charming town!

  6. Such wonderful sculptures and the town looks quaint and nice. Nice shots!

  7. I am a big admirer of St. Francis of Assisi and consider him right next to Jesus. I always wanted to visit this town and could not do so on my previous visit to Italy.
    You post has renewed my passion to revisit to Italy. Assisi, Naples and Sicily are next on my list.

    Thanks for this wonderful write up and pictures!


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