Oct 10, 2014

Modern Architecture- Mary Avenue Foot Bridge

I have a fascination to shoot bridges at night! I have taken too much of risk to be all alone in pitch dark near the water getting bit by millions of mosquitoes. But, still I do take pictures of these modern architecture masterpieces. 

This is Mary Avenue footbridge  with a span of 325ft across 10-lanes of interstate 280 connecting Cupertino and Sunnyvale in California. It is the first cable-stayed foot-bicycle bridge across a highway in California. At night the bridge is lit up and is a beautiful sight!


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  1. I've not seen this bridge before. Very photogenic!

  2. What a wonderful shot.

  3. That is a wonderful image!! I love the clouds in the background, contrasting with the straight lines and stark lighting of the bridge!!

  4. Awesome perspective! Love the angle! Happy SkyWatch Friday!

  5. Wow! great lighting,must be extra careful with mosquitoes nowadays.

  6. Very nice - I also love bridges (or cities in general) at night.

  7. Nice capture. I am a sucker for foot bridges myself and I love it when something so mundane as a bridge is done with style.


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