Nov 12, 2014

Monarch Butterfly in Pacific Grove

Its November and time for going Butterfly Watching! Well, Monarch butterfly watching in Monterey, California! I am posting the pictures of butterflies which I took in the past years! You can get much info about this most familiar North American butterfly in Wiki. But, the amazing thing is that these tiny delicate living beings migrate from Canada to Mexico to escape harsh winter! Do they live that long??!!

Monarch Grove Butterfly Sanctuary in Pacific Grove, Monterey county is one of the habitats on California coast where these milkweed butterflies visit in groups in thousands during their winter migration. Websites say they visit in thousands, that doesn't mean you see many of them fluttering their wings around you. Because, when it is cold during morning and evening times they cling together to the branches hiding from the cold wind. During afternoons if it is a sunny day they 'might' come out for your amusement :) 

When I visited, initially I was disappointed not to see even one butterfly around. But, then someone pointed to these eucalyptus branches far way. Amazing! They were far away and my 400mm lens could catch only these glimpses. Some years they appear in large numbers it seems. The whole landscape seems filled with these fluttering wings. You might be lucky to see them!

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  1. The monarchs are awesome isn't it?

  2. Yes I have seen a TV programme about their migration and it is wonderful. Much have been great to see in person.

  3. Oh wow...How much I would love to see roosting monarchs. I love this butterfly and their amazing migration. I hope to find eggs and raise some more next summer...Michelle


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