Aug 4, 2015

Back from another roadtrip!

Road trip USA June 2015 Utah Colorado Wyoming Idaho
June 2015 Road trip map

Well, I haven't been posting much (or say nothing?) on my blog recently. Not that I have stopped blogging but I have been distracted with other activities! I had to be with my mother and had to wind up things back in USA, then I went on a 15 days long road trip across Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and Idaho! The trip was kind of on an impulse! My lovely niece paid and booked my tickets and my kind cousin provided me the accommodation in USA.

Hiking the great Sand Dunes National Park Colorado
Hiking the Great Sand Dunes Colorado

Totally, got lost in the diverse nature of this beautiful country- dinosaurs (I mean their bones), deep black canyons, swollen rivers, rafting, high sand dunes, amazingly cool creeks, rocky mountains, snow, overflowing waterfalls, empty barren lands, lonely long roads going to nowhere, ancient volcanoes, hundreds of geysers, green valleys, black devastated lands, broken lava tubes, caves, cinders, fossil beds, thousand springs, zipping, wildlife and so on ... completely soaked in the nature! Or I would say soaked in the hot sun. I couldn't recognize myself in the mirror! My light brown skin turned almost black! Now, the burnt skin softened in the sweat of Vadodara summer and is peeling off!

I keep going back to USA because of its amazing landscape and it is easy to go on a road trip! And for some reason I keep going back to Utah which I call an amazing land! I started from Salt Lake City in a rental car. The most disappointing thing in the beginning itself was that the rental car company had geographical restrictions and rental charges were extremely high to bear. Otherwise my trip would go much longer across few more northern states.Well, things happen, disappointments are part of life and travel! Otherwise we wouldn't appreciate good things happening to us :)

Look for some interesting posts on amazing Mother Nature. Yeah, I agree I haven't been posting recently but, now on I will!

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  1. Oh that's why the long silence. I agree that there is so much more to US in terms of landscape than the major cities everyone in the world knows about. I'm planning in my head a road trip sorta cross country. Let's see if that pushes through. In the mean time I await your narrative about this fascinating road trip.

  2. Nice to see you back and look forward to all those exciting stories.


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