Oct 31, 2012

Yatra- Maihar, A Shaktipeetha

Maihar is small town popular for the Devi Sharada temple on the Trikuta hill. The temple is one of the 51 shaktipeethas, Mother Sati's necklace fell on this hilltop where the temple is built. Mai means Mother and Har is necklace, so the name! The temple is around 5KM from the city. I was at Bandhavgarh National Park and thought of visiting Maihar on the way to Chitrakoot. I took a bus to Umaria (29KM) at 9:00AM, then a train to Katni (57KM), then a train to Maihar (63KM). Reached at 3:45PM! Soon took a hotel room and left for the temple. People were curious to know why was I there in the first place. Some were happy to tell me about the temple. A lodge suspiciously looked at me and said he didn't have vacancy. After going back and forth between the few hotels available the autorikshaw driver somehow got me into a hotel which wasn't good for the money I paid.

The autorikshaw stand is a bit away from the base of the hill. I walked along the market and I climbed up, up and up and up ... didn't seem like I was reaching the temple yet. Then came to know the temple is also popular for its 1,063 steps. There is a ropeway but, I had opted for steps. Well it was a great exercise! At last I reached the temple and saw a long line! The temple was closed for evening arti preparations! After standing there for 45mins in the crowded line, people sticking from all sides, the arti started and the line moved. You know? Reaching out to popular God or Goddess in India is not an easy job!

And I could see the Goddess only for 10 secs. But, she looked cute. I prayed in those precious 10secs and left. Now was the time for climbing down 1063 steps. There were many diseased beggars all along. It was disheartening to see them. I wish the Government does something for these people than awarding crores of tax-payer money to cricket players. It was already dark and there was no photo-opportunity without a tripod. But, it was a great scene ... the hill, illuminated trail up and the temple on the top. A sight to behold!

A short trip but loved the temple and the exercise! Next Morning I started for Chitrakoot, Shri Ramchandra's exile abode.

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