Jul 31, 2013

Travel Talk- Have you considered Sleeping in Airports?

Sleeping in the airport
Me at Charlotte airport waiting for my delayed flight
Recently I came across an interesting website A Guide to Sleeping in Airports which provides information on 'how to' spend nights in airports to save some money when you are traveling on a budget. Sleeping in airports to save money sounds like a cheap idea at first. But, when you think like a backpacker who is on a shoestring budget, or a little better, it makes sense.

This reminds me of my experiences at three airpots (Portland, Miami and Chennai) where I was forced to spend nights! I was stuck because my late night flight was cancelled and I had to take very early morning flight back home next day. I was reluctant to go out to get room just for 2-3 hours. I decided to go with few others and stayed at the airport. They were not so very good experiences at all considering I was not intentionally there for sleeping!

Portland airport was good, in a way that it has a very sophisticated waiting area for visitors and may be  that is the reason many passengers spend the night here to catch the early morning flights. Though it was terrifying when the security guys woke us up in the middle of the night to check if we were jay-sleepers, they were nice to the real passengers. Miami airport was the worst of all and luckily I had to spend only 2 hours there. I find my observation was right per this website also :) Portland is listed in the best airport category and Miami is listed among the worst!

Have you ever spent a night in an airport? Where and how was your experience?

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  1. Done it a few times at Amsterdam, Colombo but more out of necessity to catch a flight leaving in wee hours of the morning!

    1. Yes, most of us have spent the night in airports certainly out of necessity. But, for some it is a benefit!

  2. I've spent a night at a railway station in Chandigarh. It was at the height of winter so it was a painful experience. But a very memorable one. Doesn't see so bad in recollection. :)
    Airports -- not yet.

    1. Welcome back Divya! Yeah, spending night in a railway station is also similar to spending a night at Airport! Yeah in winter it is really cold which I have experienced in Indore. That moment i was bad considering cold and the crowd inside that tiny AC lounge, now it doesn't feel so bad :)


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