Jul 17, 2013

Travel Talk- Most stupid packing mistakes!

Last weekend I went on a day hike around Bangalore. Bangalore rain was on-and-off all the time. During lunch break we had extra time for fun chat which ended up in pulling each other's leg. This is what happened ... One of the guys was carrying a large daypack which was full. One gracious lady- fellow trekker, asked him what was inside. He first laughed out loudly and then said softly ...

... a pillow ... we all bursted out laughing and asked why? He was a good sport and smilingly said ... I thought there might be a lot of spare time after lunch and so I thought I could have a nap ... Well, but the rain had left the pillow considerably wet! That made all of us think about our stupid experiences of carrying useless things during our travel which we never used or hardly used. And so it was a good conversation starter! In fact, there were interesting stories from every trekker which left most of us laughing till our stomachs hurt.

Someone had carried a heavy sweater to Delhi in September because it was cold in Bangalore!

Another one had taken an immersion coil for heating water and a mosquito net to Kodaikanal when they were staying at Club Mahindra Resort!

One more took three pairs of jeans to Chennai in the month of May and ended up buying shorts.

A smart one carried a huge n' heavy DSLR with a bunch of lenses without a memory card (CF card) to a remote wilderness!

And the conversation goes on ...

In fact, I had carried a 'down' sleeping bag to Madhya Pradesh, India! Well, I did use it once during my 50 days backpacking trip.

What about you? Do share the experience of packing the most unusual item?

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  1. I carried a big guide (pretty heavy one) on my trek to Kumara paravata in the hope of glancing through it during the night. Dint realise there was no electricity on top. :). It only added on to my backpack weight.


  2. Interesting story, Kusum! thanks for sharing your experience. You're welcome! on my new post.



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