Jun 17, 2014

Video- Working with glass in Murano!

Well, package tours have some advantages. Our guide took us to some places where we could have demos on how it is made etc ... In Florence, a leather shop gave us an elaborate display of all their products and also a fashion show with some of our package-mates being models! In Venice, at glass factory of Murano we had a demo on how the glass artifacts are made. I liked it very much and took a video of the same! Have a look you will be amazed!

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  1. incredible isn't it? what you said about packaged tours is correct. packaged tours include trips to various factories and shops that would be easily omitted when one is doing a DIY tour.

  2. I remember going on the glass making tour in Murano, and instantly loved it! I hope you also went to the colorful Burano island.


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