Jun 1, 2014

Rome- The eternal city!

Colosseum Rome Italy
Roman Colosseum

The capital city of Italy today and the capital city of Roman empire then ... Rome was considered an empire without end! It is one of the largest cities then known to the world. With the package tour schedule and anxiety I did scratch a bit of the surface of the destination- Rome! I was amazed to see that ancient city buried underground, partly exposed and another part waiting to be excavated! The still standing monuments are the symbols of wealth and power of Imperial Rome!

Interiors of the Colosseum Rome Italy
Interiors of Colosseum

Colosseum, the iconic symbol of Imperial Rome, is one of the grand structures which silently tells us about the wealth and power of ancient city. This most popular monument was the amphitheatre of the Roman Empire and the largest in the world! I am one fan of the movie Gladiator. I watch it whenever it is on TV. And I do own a DVD! And I was so curious to visit that colosseum. Very interesting to know the film makers imagined what it could have been long long ago looking at these ruins.

Arch of Constantine Rome Italy
Arch of Constantine

Standing beside the magnificent colosseum, the Arch of Constantine was built in 315 AD to commemorate Emperer Constantine's victory. 

Arch of Titus Rome Italy
Arch of Titus

Built in 82 AD, Arch of Titus was built to commemorate the victory of Titus in the Sack of Jerusalem. The monument is erect but the sculptures are eroding. Though located near the colosseum it goes unnoticed!

Pantheon Rome Italy
Pantheon of Rome

Pantheon is one of the best preserved monument built in 126AD as a temple for all roman Gods. It has a large dome with a central opening called oculus, and is the largest unreinforced dome in the world!

Ruins nearby the Colosseum Rome Italy
Ruins excavated nearby the colosseum
Colosseum, few arches and Pantheon are few interesting and popular structures that represent the ancient Rome. But, they are a small fraction of what the empire was. It seems there is a whole grand ancient city is buried 30ft under the modern city of Rome. Well, it takes a lot of time to check out all the ruins above and underground which I didn't have!

Young archaeologists at work near the Colosseum Rome Italy
Young archaeologists at work
On the way to Colosseum I saw these friendly young archaeologists at work. I heard there are people who provide the service of an underground tour for a nominal fee. I was told the commentary was in Italian but, it is worth visiting the haunting underground! May be next time!

Well, this is not all about Rome! The city offers much more ... (window) shopping , dining, walking, clicking, wondering and so on ... Look forward for the next post on Rome!

Have you been to the underground city tour in Rome? Please share the experience!

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  1. Been to Rome for a day excursion, hardly saw anything, but enjoyed it because I met up with a school friend I haven't seen in ages. Would like to hopefully find my way back to Roman soil so I can explore it as fully as I can.

  2. Gorgeous shots of ancient history.

  3. Lovely shots, it made me recall my very short visit there on my way back home from Sweden. I thought i might not be in Europe again so took the chance. I toured the ruins alone on foot from my base camp, the FAO. I bought a book as my guide. On the 2nd day, someone took me to the other structures which need some bus or train rides. It was good not to be in a group, as i can watch some archeologists for a few minutes while digging. I hope the spell of throwing coins at Trevi Fountain will work, so i can visit again!

    1. Yeah! I too hope that Trevi fountain thingie works!

  4. Lovely photos, i love history and just the impire of rome is one of my favorit thing, one of the places i really want to visit is Rom.

  5. Great tour!! Boom, Bobbi and Gary.

  6. Nice photos. It's been many years since I was there but this brings back some memories.

  7. I like Rome, but especially the Colosseum. I'm really amazed by the architecture of this monument, and the techniques used to build this special place. When I think of the Colosseum, I think of gladiators and I think about what is most beautiful in Roman history. I need to go there as soon as possible!

  8. Rome is a gorgeous city and with so much history. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing your visit.

  9. Really Rome is wonderful city.Wonderful share...

  10. Great pictures of the ruins! Whenever I see such buildings, now partly destroyed and no longer usable, I think about the people who built them, and those who used them and saw them in their "days of glory". I wonder what they thought about the buildings, and how they reacted to the way the Colosseum was used. Did they genuinly like to see all the blood, or did they have a love-hate relationship, or a "frightened-but-act-cool" relationship...

    Wish you a happy weekend!

  11. Magnificent architecture. Nice post, Kusum.


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