Aug 5, 2013

Amusement Parks- Disneyland Resort, Cartoons do exist!

Disneyland Resort Anaheim

I don't think I need to elaborately write anything about Disneyland Resort, Anaheim! But, it is difficult not to talk about it! Last October I visited Disneyland with my family. It was a second trip for me! With family it was so fun though I went on very few rides, I did more of talking and laughing! When I visited Disneyland for the first time I was all alone! It felt so funny to wander around alone in an amusement park! But, I could go for most of the rides because there was no distraction! The experience is so fresh in my mind though noticeably I didn't have so much fun as I did with family!

Disneyland Resort Anaheim Micky Parade
Mr. Micky in the morning musical parade
Disneyland Resort has twin parks, California Adventure and Disneyland. Disneyland is the first of the two, and is the only park designed and built under the supervision of Walt Disney himself in 1955.

Disneyland Resort Anaheim Princess Belle
Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast
I bought 2-day-park-hopper ticket (price keeps increasing) and started with the Disney California Adventure Park. I remember three rides here Condor Flats, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Grizzly Peak- River Run. Condor Flats ride takes you soaring over California, beautiful scenes on a globe like screen and I was gliding like a condor. Quite a mild ride. The Twilight Zone Tower is an old early 20th century hotel where we get into a haunted elevator. The ride includes crazy high speed 13-storey plunges and rises. It seems the plunge is slightly faster than the normal free fall due to gravity! Got shivering limbs after the ride. Rafting in the Grizzly river was total fun, spinning and plunging in the water left me totally wet!

I did most of the rides the park has to offer but, after each ride I wanted to share the feeling with someone and also laugh out loudly but I couldn't- you know I was alone! Had mexican for lunch at Pacific Wharf after standing in a long line. Went on California Screaming and got out dazed with my throat completely dry! By then it was evening and I spent some time at Pacific Pier enjoying the colors before calling it a day! It was a great day, I had so much fun and so I was dead tired! 

Disneyland Resort Anaheim Parade
Disneyland Parade

Next day, I wanted to spend time at Disneyland and started early. It was fun to see the Disney Cartoon characters showing up here and there! I saw Micky Mouse on a morning musical parade! Though, as a child, I was a big fan of Tom & Jerry I was thrilled to see Mr. Micky! I enjoyed watching the Parade.

Disneyland Resort Anaheim Fantasyland Castle
Fantasy World- Sleeping Beauty Castle
With family, I enjoyed the park very differently. Disneyland is my sister's favorite destination. My sister's favorite in the park was Toon Town! She is more than a decade older than me and was enjoying all that kid stuff, I could only raise my eyebrows and blink!! Well, there is a child in every adult! We went on a Jungle Cruise, Pirates of Carribean, Haunted Mansion and so on ...

It also has some fun for older kids like Big Thunder Mountain Railroad which is an intense roller-coaster ride. I liked it a lot. And there are many more rides to go for if you have time and if you desire. On weekends there is a fireworks show over the Sleeping Beauty Castle. It is an out of the world fantabulous show and is a must watch event if you visit the park on a weekend! 

Disneyland Resort Anaheim Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
People visit Disneyland for their young children. And since the tickets are so expensive parents want the children to see and enjoy all of it in one go. But, the park is so big and crowded, most of the day is spent in waiting in the lines for the rides and walking around. Kids get tired soon, their legs and feet hurt very bad. By the end of it I wondered whether we enjoy it or forced to enjoy because we have paid so much for the tickets. In my opinion, it is better to accept the fact that we cannot see everything in one day. So instead of running around and getting tired, we could take it easy and enjoy whatever possible without getting tired. Wearing appropriate footwear is a must because you are going to walk a lot! Expect to get wet completely, if you are in some spots, on the river rides. Carry some finger food and a lot of water if you wish to avoid long lines for lunch. Even if you do not enjoy kid-stuff Disneyland should be visited at least once, in my opinion!

Los Angeles is a global city and home for many glamorous attractions. When we are in this beautiful city we only think of visiting amusement parks, flashy shopping malls and walk in the downtown area. But, there are a lot many places of interest near the city within 150-miles. Attractions include national parks, state parks, beaches, museums and gardens.

Other places of interest around Los Angeles on my road trip: Universal Studios- Hollywood, Sea World- San Diego, Joshua Tree National Park, Getty Museums, Huntington Gardens, Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve, Wildflowers at Gorman, Orange County Great Park, Santa Catalina Island and Korean Bell of Friendship.

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  1. I've been once but they keep adding new parts.

    1. Yeah, they add new rides which are more interesting!

  2. Fun post Kusum...we've been four times, but it's been quite a while. (The last trip, we took our pre-teen grandchildren who are now grown and I know there have been tons and tons of changes. You gave excellent advice for anyone planning a first trip there.

    And also you are so right about all the other things to do in the LA area.

  3. I am reminded of my trip to the one in Paris!
    These parks are so well designed or wholesome entertainment.

  4. Wonderful reminder to let yourself be a kid for a few days -- it is a great stress buster. Wonderful tip too to just take it easy and be pressured to see the entire park. We do tend to do that, not only in parks but in any place we visit -- we want to see the most of every city and end up too tired to even enjoy it. :) Cheers.

    1. Thanks Jenn! Yes, you are right, most of us do it in every new place!

  5. Great tour!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  6. Glad you enjoyed you trip - I went to Disney Land in Tokyo - that was enough for me!!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


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