Aug 7, 2013

Wildlife- Ladybug, A Bug Photogenic!

Ever since I bought a Macbook Pro I wanted to shoot a Ladybug! Now, what a Ladybug has to do with a Mac!? Well, my Macbook Pro has a default background image of a ladybug. It is so very beautiful that it made me go searching for ladybugs in every damp forest!

Insect Wildlife Ladybug

Well, I found them in the Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve, CA. They were in hundreds! I wanted a solo insect so I could get a picture as in my MacBook Pro. I had to be very patient to get this macro shot, the bug wouldn't stay still even for a fraction of a second. This is what I could get! Isn't it so very photogenic?!

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  1. Ladybugs are always a joy to behold. Mine are very different to yours. Mine have black spots on their wings. I don't use sprays in my garden so I have lots of ladybugs and praying mantis in my roses.
    In a redwood forest, they must look as magical as magic mushrooms. Good hunting!

    1. Yes, they are joy to behold! I have seen the lady bugs with spots in pictures. Under the gigantic redwood trees these almost din't have existence :) But the shade of the tree was protecting these bugs. You are very kind not to use sprays!

  2. Yes they are hard to photograph. I only have a couple of photos and even then they aren't the native ones, but introduced ones from Asia.. Michelle

    1. Asian ones are bigger I assume! I have seen the ones that are native to North America but then I didn't have my macro lens with me. I wonder why this bug doesn't have spots!?

  3. Nice post. On a lighter note, thanks to Macbook they didn't made mammoth or dinosaur your default wallpaper :P

  4. that's a lovely shot!


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