Aug 21, 2013

Travel Talk- Why eat Street Food?

It is a common question to most of us travelers/tourists ... what makes us travel? And one of the most common reasons is to 'experience local culture and cuisine'. But, how many of us really experience the local authentic culture and cuisine? The package tours, expensive hotels and similar usually arrange some events which are 'tailor made' for the tourists, so where is the authenticity? And these are sometimes not affordable to the budget travelers. When you want the real experience go for street food or semi-street food! If you ask me why? here are my reasons ...

Authentic- Street food is more targeted towards the local community and so it is cooked to the liking of the locals. Loaded with local seasonal vegetables and herbs, local spices and served in local style the food is more authentic than the one we get in the restaurants which is made to the taste of foreign tourists. So, you want to experience the culinary heritage of a place/country then go for street food!

Meeting the locals- Another reason we travel is to connect with the locals. To know their lifestyles, culture and point of views. When at posh restaurants how many of us talk to others huh? No waiter is allowed to sit with you and chat :) If you ask at the front desk they will arrange an expensive show which tells about local culture. Do you want that?! At the local street vendor you can sit, chat and there will be so many of them to talk to you. To tell stories about the place, history, local attractions etc. But, the tourist has to be careful about the some locals with not-so-good intentions :)

Benefits the local- We all know tourism helps local communities. It gives them jobs, and a way to earn living. By eating street food you are helping local community. When you enjoy the country's natural resources and heritage make sure you give back something. 

Cheap- And for the budget travelers who is trying to save few bucks street food is the best. It is almost half or even less than the restaurant prices. If you talk about cleanliness I have had more stomach problems eating at restaurants than the street food. Always ask the street vendor to serve in disposable cutlery (usually they do) than the steel/porcelain ones and avoid drinking water which I do even at restaurants! 

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  1. Travel without getting to know the culture is so sterile! So I like to travel like the locals, and eat their food. On is bound to get some connection:) Also I like my own impressions, that's why I don't like tours, travel guides, etc.

    1. Yep, very true. Tours usually arrange and it wont be authentic!

  2. I agree with you. Totally! There's nothing like having street food. :)

  3. Street food is fine except that it can sometimes take a toll of your tummy ! If one can get hygienic street food then it is okay - I am talking about in India of course !

    1. Most of the times even restaurant food too is not hygienic! Especially in Indian restaurants, the use of MSG is so much even for the Indian food. People do not understand (because it is sold as taste-salt or chinese-salt) when asked but the smell says there is a lot! For people who are allergic to MSG it causes headaches, stomach problems, whole body pain, vomiting etc. But, hardly many know about it!

  4. Lovely article Kusum. A travel is complete only after exploring the local cuisines.


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