May 21, 2014

Experiences and Thoughts on Package Tours

The whole theme of my blog is about traveling SOLO to venture out the world alone and a sense of adventure. But, few times when traveling with family I have tried personalized package tours in Rajasthan where everything was arranged for us by a tour operator per our taste. We didn't have to do a single thing! When I visited Italy I took a first class package tour. I was tired of driving long distances, camping, budget accommodation and simple food. And thought of enjoying some luxury of a first class trip.

We hear many negative things about the group travel or package tours from travelers but, as tourists many do not have so much time to research, book accommodation and transport at every destination. And who doesn't love to be pampered in luxury and comfort? Stay at luxurious hotels and you just have to sit in an a/c coach and watch through the window, no need to drive and ask for directions! Express lines at popular museums and must-see attractions, shows and events which will save a lot of time! 

During my 11 day group travel in Italy, I didn't feel alone anywhere and there was absolutely no stress at all! There were people to share my thoughts and more over I wasn't alone at the dinner table! The best thing was I could ask someone from the group to click a picture of mine! IMO- if you are a family in a package tour you will enjoy much more! If you belong to older generation then group/guided travel is the best option.

Well, I came across a website must see india seems very interesting. Check out! It might prove to be very useful for your next vacation!

Have you tried package tours? What is your experience?

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  1. I've taken 2 packaged tours (India & Costa Rica) and both times I thought I got more bang for my buck, especially in CR where the accommodations assigned to us exceeded my expectations. The India tour on the other hand we were taken good care of everywhere we went. Maybe someday I'll try again.

    1. I hear in CR taking budget package trip works out very well. CR is known to be very expensive country!

  2. I have been on packaged tours and I have found it to be a good experience. But I would still prefer solo travelling. I feel you should experience all types of travelliing. That would really broaden your perspective about travelling alone and with people.

    1. I agree one should try all types. IMO, family trips are good the package is personalized.

  3. I too had a package tour recently to Goa:) Fun it was!


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