May 4, 2014

The assets that really matter in life!

This post is a tribute to my Father who had been a guide, guard and god in my life. He was a noble man and a great father. He was the rock in my life. Today I do whatever I like to do because of him. It was him who let me chose the life I wanted to live. He made me realize honesty without compassion is hostility (quote by Rose N Franzblau).

He left us on 21st of April with his family around him. On his last journey I saw him lay motionless with a peaceful divine smile on his face. Today is the 14th day and as per Hindu rites we have arranged a feast(?) in his honor. I pray to God to protect my father's soul in his palms until I see my father again. I see hundreds of family and friends attending the feast, saying very good things about him.

My father had some assets which were worth good amount of money but, some assets which are priceless. We were proud of his professional achievements than he himself was. Always I felt honored to walk on the streets beside him when most of the passers by wished him with great respect. His discipline in life and everyday activities was amazing. We- his educated children were his pride and he considered 'us' his true assets. I consider the respect he earned through his selfless good deeds was his true asset. As the youngest child I got more attention and pampering from him, and now I feel completely lost without him.

Our last trip together to Sun Temple, Modhera
I was thinking while thanking the people who came to pray for his soul ... What are the true assets in life? What are the true priorities in life? What are the most important things in life? I don't know right now. These things are realized or evolved in our mind slowly with time and experience.

For me everything changed an instant. Until now, my bucket list was full of places, trekking routes etc. I will still visit those places but, the priorities seem to have changed. Ego and vengeance seem like negative words which only drain out my energy. Instead I choose be happier and make people around me more comfortable. I am not sure if I could ever become like my father, but definitely I will try to build my assets from now.

Spend more time with my family and friends. For the last ten years I had never tried to make any real friends. Attachment was some annoying word for me and I feared it. I spent time with strangers and never bothered to remember any of it unless someone was special. I don't even know who is my neighbor! Now, it is time to make friends.

Never use harsh words even to the strangers. I know being nice to others really gives satisfaction. But, I was known for being straight arrow. May be I could change the tone a bit!

Finding happiness in little things. I remember I gifted a pencil-box to my nephew when he was in 1st grade. After so many years I hear him say- It was so beautiful! Till now, I was so engrossed in myself and my travel itineraries that I forgot about others.

Doing right things at right time. Well, until now I have never procrastinated anything for long. Still, I will try to do the right things at right time with even more dedication.

Creating special memories in life. I have been catching the beauty of the world in pictures. Now, I will do so of my family and friends and of each occasion and event. More often I will try I will give away memorable gifts.

Helping the needy. Helping the needy itself is a memorable gift isn't it? I have never said no for help till date but, will do more!

To my DAD-
Praying for his soul to be in eternal peace ...

What do you think of your true assets in life?

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  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you Sumi. You father seems like a gentle and compassionate soul. May he rest in peace.
    Please relish the good times you had with him and being fortunate to have been a daughter to such a man.

    When my mother passed away 2 years ago, it was not easy for me to accept and carry on. However, do realize that he is alive in your memories and that he is in fact part of you.

    May you and your family have the strength and calm during this period. Please take care.

  2. Sorry for your loss. May you and your family find comfort in tme of grief.

  3. While parents think children are their true assets, for us kids parents are our true assets. The loss of a parent creates an irreparable void in our lives. I lost my mother 3 years ago and I know how lost I feel. May God give you strength and may your father'soul rest in peace.

  4. Sorry for your loss, Kusum. Your father may not be physically present anymore but he will live in your memories forever. I appreciate your attempts to make changes in your life. Sometimes we fail to appreciate the minor details and simple pleasures in our life. We look for beauty and joy elsewhere when everything is there near and around us. We take life and the people in it for granted until all of a sudden something happens and leaves us confused. May you have the courage and strength to carry you through this period of crisis. Take care.

  5. So sorry to hear about your dad.
    May he rest in peace and may you find strength. Take care, Kusum. Hugs!!

  6. I'm sorry for your loss. In these moments you have nothing to do but to be strong. You did your job and you love your dad. Further more we can't do. You must be strong. Take care and be safe!


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