Aug 1, 2014

Capri, the resort island

Capri view Italy
View from Monte Solaro

After getting fried under the hot sun and surrounded by the volcanic devastation I was at Capri, the resort island! Capri- plenty of natural beauty, history, pleasant climate and posh restaurants makes Capri a favorite destination for the tourists! Normally the islands are volcanic in origin but, interestingly Capri is formed of sedimentary rock. Well, it was a very relaxing long stay (2-nights) at Capri compared to other places.

Capri Boat ride Italy
Popular rocks

Capri has much to offer- beautiful nature, history and archaeology, museums and monuments, short hikes, boat rides and cable car rides. Well, I had taste of everything though there was much much more to do. Best things in did were, IMO, cable car ride up the Monte Solaro (589') highest point on the island and the boat ride around the island and a short peek into the amazing Blue Grotto.

Capri Sea Rock Arch Italy
Arch through which our boat passed

I started with the Villa San Michele and Alex Munthe museum. Actually it was the dream home of its proud owner Alex Munthe. It was meant for displaying his ancient artifact collection. But, what I liked the most is the garden and the serene ocean views from this place!

Capri Lighthouse boat ride around Italy
One of the numerous lighthouses around Capri

From the museum I took a cable car ride up the Monte Solaro. It was a fantastic experience on the single open chair, looking at the beautiful green and the wild blooms, and the blue of the ocean! I took a short walk around for the breathtakingly beautiful ocean views. The rocks and the sneaky neighboring islands hiding behind make the views much more interesting.

Capri Museum Italy
A sculpture in Villa San Michele Axel Munthe museum

I took a short break for lunch before I went for a boat ride around the island. The pricy restaurants weren't interesting for me! They were over crowded! I packed a falafel wrap from a small restaurant and ate it sitting in a marina looking at the boats arriving and departing. The tourists were interesting to watch. I was looking forward to the Blue Grotto and it was amazing though extremely crowded!

Capri Cable car Italy
Cable car to Monte Solaro

Both evenings I went shopping. I shopped some jewelry made of italian corals and glass beads as gifts for girls at home. It looked very touristy when I was hanging out at the marina. But, when I walked towards the interiors of the island it was extremely calm with greenery all around. I would explore more if I had another day here. Well, I enjoyed whatever time I had!

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  1. Arch Rock is so beautiful. Reminds me of a similar one in Los Cabos MX. My friends are visiting this place in the fall before meeting up with us in Venice.

  2. Such a beautiful place, Kusum, and your captures are the next best thing to being there myself! Thanks so much for sharing the beauty! Have a lovely weekend!!

  3. Looks like you had a great trip! I like that stone arch. Beautiful location and photos.

  4. Looks like a place that deserves way more time visiting.

  5. Wow! What a gorgeous destination!
    And your pictures as always -- perfect.

  6. What a beautiful place. Love your first picture!
    My grandmother always wanted to visit Capri but unfortunately it never happend!

  7. Beautiful captures. The island looks gorgeous. Where exactly is this located?

  8. Kusum, thanks for sharing these lovely spots on Capri! The boat ride and the cable car ride look like fun! Awesome photos!

  9. Beautiful photos!

  10. Great looking pictures - you do get to some great places!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


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