Aug 13, 2014

Trevi Fountain in Rome

Trevi Fountain Rome Italy

On the last day in Italy I went to Trevi fountain in Rome. Just before that We had a dinner with opera singers entertaining us. Lots of pasta, wine and tiramisu. A ride in Rome during the night was fantastic. The basilica in Vatican city was decorated with lights. It was breathtakingly beautiful! I wished my visa was valid for few more days that I could wander around on my own.

Well, I was there at the fountain! Tre Vie means three roads. The fountain is located at the meeting point of three roads. There are many fountains in Italy but, very few have the international fame! Trevi is featured in many movies. Coin throwing is very popular here which again from a movie "Three coins in the fountain". It seems the first coin thrown ensures your return to Rome, second one finds you a new romance and third leads to a marriage! Well, who is so desperate? But, good news is that the coins are collected and used for helping the needy. I threw a small coin, that means not an euro, to return to Rome and to help the needy! It is not a good picture of the fountain indeed. I had little time, hordes of crowd and moreover the effect of wine which I am not very used to, were to be considered :)

And that was my trip to Italy! A trip through grand St Peter's Basilica in Vatican City, deep rooted history of Roman colosseum,  the massive cathedral in Orvieto, family style lunch in sunny Tuscany, home of medieval wonder of the world- Pisa, Florence- the birth place of renaissance, Venice- the queen of Adriatic, peaceful Assisi, World Heritage Site of Pompeii, the resort island Capri and the music of Sorrento! Well, I missed that city of music- Vienna and sunny Sicily! Remember? I did throw a coin into Trevi! I will be back in Rome and so in Italy!

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  1. what a great trip to italy. hope someday you find yourself back in this beautiful land.

  2. Wow this is informative, we're planning on a european trip including italy next year.. any suggestions what sites to visit in italy?


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