Aug 11, 2014

Music box from Sorrento

Music Box from Sorrento Italy

You must have heard the song Torna a Surriento which means Come Back to Sorrento ... is a popular song that made the comune of Sorrento popular! Well, I was there in Sorrento ... for few hours. Just to wander around the market. Our guide had arranged a touristy visit to a furniture shop. Initially, I was annoyed but then I liked the furniture there! I just got to know how expensive were those furniture in my sister's house which I was abusing for almost a decade! I really didn't have any idea about the price!

Furniture apart, the most interesting thing was the Music Box. Those small beautiful boxes decorated with artistic inlay work were so cute that I bought one for me paying US$ 70. For a souvenir from Sorrento :) It plays the tune of Torna a Surriento ... I wish to go back ...

What is your favorite travel Souvenir?

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