Aug 15, 2014

Colorful Skies- Sunset at Hampi

I was at Hampi few months ago. Me, my sister and my niece were sitting on the very popular Mahanavami Dibba, a huge and high platform used by the royals of Vijayanagara Empire to watch the festive processions in the medieval years. We watched this colorful sunset. The sun looked like a burning cannonball sinking behind the horizon while the silhouette of the watching trees said good night!

The picture is not that great but, the experience was memorable for me!

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  1. that's a real fireball you captured.

  2. I dont know why you say the picture is not great. I can look at it for hours. It brings across varied amounts of thoughts!

  3. The picture is very fascinating and am sure it must have been a great experience to witness this:)

  4. I tend to disagree. That one is a really cool picture. I agree with all these people above.


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